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Nutrition & OsteoFit

Not only the training itself belongs to a whole-heated training. Nutrition plays a central role for optimal performance and also for regeneration. Just like the holistic treatment of various ailments.



Together with the Klostergarten Einsiedeln we offer noshpots. In addition to the large pots, we also have small breakfast spots in our refrigerators.

The selection of pots changes at the beginning of each month.

Nutritional counseling

In our ranks we also have experts on the subject of nutritional counseling. 

If you are interested, please fill out the contact form to receive more information without obligation.



What is OsteoFit

Holistic treatment methods for the treatment of muscular, joint, and other complaints (e.g. sleep disorders, headaches, digestive problems, allergies, etc.) by supporting self-healing. OsteoFit helps for performance improvement and regeneration.

Separate room at CFit Horgen with special price for all CFit Members. Appointments by arrangement:

Tel & Whatsapp: 078 700 61 80 (Ramon)